sensors for motion, sound & vibration

ETMC Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of sound and vibration equipment for discerning professionals requiring high performance and reliability from their tools of the trade.

The range of equipment we supply includes:

    •  Accelerometers,

    •  Microphones  

    •  Preamplifiers  

    •  Sound level meters  

    •  Gyroscopes and Inertial Motion Units

    •  Hydrophones and hydrophone calibration adapters

    •  Calibration and testing equipment  

    •  Intensity microphones, probes and pistonphones  

    •  Accessories  


    •  Noise sources  

    •  Environmental monitoring  

    •  Building acoustics  

    •  Building vibration

    •  Hearing protection testing equipment  

    •  Motion control/sensing


    •  Human environment NVH tools  

    •  Telephone testing equipment  

    •  Equipment and plant condition monitoring  


Learn more about our suppliers and their range of Sound and Vibration equipment:

    •  DJB Instruments - accelerometers

    •  GRAS Sound & Vibration - microphones

    •  Norsonic - sound level meters and accessories

    •  Prosig - noise and vibration measurement

   •  Sensonor - Gyros and IMUs


Speak with us to discover how ETMC Technologies is able to assist you with you Sound & Vibration equipment needs.

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