data analysis & signal processing

ETMC Technologies has integrated software suites for our data acquisitions systems and solutions. These powerful software suites are the result of many years of hard-won and intensively developed industry expertise and capability.

Our data processing software benefits from tight integration with the acquisition system, giving superior user experiences with programming and configuration of the acquisition hardware, reception of live data (either direct or by remote/telemetric link), post processing of stored data, analysis and results visualisation in easily understood and comprehensible form.

Data Processing products in our range includes:

IADS, DAS Studio and more - is a complete ground station software package featuring Pre-Test, Real Time Acquisition and Post Processing functionality for Defence and Aerospace applications from CurissWright. This software fully configures all hardware and synchronises data from all sources in real time allowing the data to be visualised or transferred to another module in the system.     . . . more


Norsonic software suite - a powerful and flexible family of over 10 software tools for sound & vibration applications and analysis tools. This software suite from Norsonic has been developed as professional tool for sound & vibration experts, integrating and building on the capabilities of Norsonic sound level meters.     . . . more


DATS - a family of software from Prosig addressing: data acquisition & signal processing, NVH analysis, rotating machinery, hammer impact, structural animation, modal analysis, human biodynamics, sound quality replay, acoustic tools, psychoacoustics, sound mapping, source path analysis, fatigue analysis and condition monitoring.     . . . more


While these software solutions are tailored to provide a high level of integration with the respective acquisitions technologies and products, they are all sufficiently flexible to be able to import data (in suitable formats) and provide you with the same level of analysis and processing power as with their native hardware.

Talk to us about your data analysis and signal processing needs to see how we are able to assist you.

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