about us

Why are we different?  

ETMC Technologies is a resource you can call on for help with instrumentation, sensors, expert input, assistance and suggestions to get the best result.

How we work?

Instead of trying to remember the thousands of different products/capabilities that we offer, simply tell us what you are trying to do (or what you are interested in), and we will tell you one of 3 things:

    1. "Yes, we can help you . . . "

    2. "Sorry, no, we cannot help you with that.  Have you tried . . ."

    3. "Can we ask you a few questions to be able to give you a yes/no answer?"

The 'boring' stuff!

As the Australian and New Zealand representative/local business partner for the companies we work with, ETMC Technologies works very hard to provide the best service we can to our customers and our overseas principals.

ETMC Technologies has been operating for nearly three decades.  From humble origins, we have built up a strong track record of working closely with our customers, supplying them with reliable, high quality products and solutions, and keeping them up to date with developments relevant to their needs.

The range of products we cover includes sensors (accelerometers, gyros/IMUs and microphones), Flight Test Instruments, Recorders, end-to-end Telemetry, SatCom monitoring + Satellite TTC and equipment for High Data Rate Acquisition and Telemetry Processing (Space, Aerospace, Defence and more).

In the Acoustics and Vibration application area we supply precision front-end sensor and acquisition equipment (microphones + accelerometers + Gyros/IMUs + hydrophones + data capture), portable Sound Level Meters, Environmental Analysers, Frequency Analysers and a range of Outdoor Sound Measurement Systems.

Our aim is not only to supply products of highest quality and reliability, but also to provide the means for these products to continue to operate satisfactorily, with minimum downtime, during their operational lifetime.

This involves consistently growing our technical expertise and skills so that we are in a better position to provide high quality advice and input as to the most appropriate equipment/solution to address challenges being faced by you.  

Which means that as part of our deliverables package we can and do offer local front-line technical support and training on our product range, giving you added peace of mind knowing that, when you need a hand, a response can be 'instant' instead of waiting hours or days for a supplier on the other side of the world!

The 'not so boring' stuff!

ETMC Technologies is committed to the long term view - this means that we are not afraid to tell it to you 'straight', looking out for your best interest (ahead of ours) . . . which can and does include us telling you:

while we would love to sell you 'this', you can get a better result with ...

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