the products we supply

ETMC Technologies' expertise, experience and product range covers six main areas:

     data acquisition (industrial and rugged solutions)


     data processing (software for flight test, NVH and more)


     sound and vibration (sensors and data capture)

     flight test instrumentation (when you need it to 'just work'!)

     end-to-end telemetry (aerospace + space launch), and

     SatCOM TTC + QoS and antennas

     on-satellite TTC modems, GNSS and more     

In each of these areas our suppliers have products, equipment, software and integrated solutions that have been developed for and proven in real-world applications. The level of reliability, quality, durability and capability meets even the most stringent operational and environmental needs (from deep under the sea to outer space!.

Our capability and range includes everything from entry level data acquisitions systems through to specialised equipment designed to meet stringent performance limits in challenging application environments (e.g. distributed high performance data acquisition networks in fighters, helicopters and airliners, outer space/orbit etc.).

With our experience and committed support from our suppliers, ETMC Technologies is able to assist you through problem identification, capability/capacity determination, product selection, implementation, data processing and analysis.


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