DJB Instruments

Why choose DJB?

They design, manufacture, assemble, test and calibrate every part of their products all in-house, manufacturing piezoelectric accelerometers (IEPE and Charge), dynamic pressure transducers and analogue signal processing instrumentation.

DJB Instruments have been a British leader and manufacturer for over 40 years, proudly developing a substantial range of quality accelerometers and vibration testing equipment whilst maintaining the unique Konic Shear™ design introduced by the company’s founder Don Birchall.

Big enough to meet your needs. Personal enough to care

DJB Instruments are responsive to requests for bespoke sensor/cable products, as a manufacturer it is easy for us to provide prototypes  and final products to suit any customer application.

Technical Support

There is a whole lot more than just supplying an accelerometer!  DJB Instruments offers technical advice to ensure the correct products are being used to best fit within your current and future needs


Courses have been presented at a number of National and International events as well as on site with major Automotive, Aerospace/Defence and Electronics companies all of whom have provided positive feedback about the course benefits and have reported process improvements as a result of attending.

Cable Repair

DJB offers a specialist in-house service to ensure your readings remain accurate with a clean bill of health on each cable you use. 


This is your opportunity to check accelerometers for correct operation and to ensure it has suffered no damage in its day to day handling and use.

Please contact us for a quotation and turnaround time. Our calibration service is usually between 1 to 3 days with a full report on each device.

Research and Design

Our program of constant development ensures products meet the latest customer requirements. Our range of products now extends across all accelerometer types including IEPE (Voltage) output with market leading high temperature IEPE accelerometer solutions up to 900°C. 

A little History...

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has been manufacturing accelerometers, cables, instrumentation and accessories for over 40 years.  Originally established as DJ Birchall Ltd in 1974, it changed name in 2010 after the death of the company’s founder, Don Birchall.  After some major restructuring and re-investment, the company is now enjoying a period of expansion with truly global aspirations.

DJB is proud to uphold the traditions of quality British manufacturing that has been admired for so long around the world and also maintains the fundamental engineering innovation that Don Birchall was well renowned for. Still the only global accelerometer manufacturer using the Konic Shear™ design patented by Don and offering significant improvements in performance and cross axis reduction, it continues future innovation through joint academic research programs and internal material developments.

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