GRAS Sound & Vibration - Special Microphone Sets

outdoor & environmental  microphone sets

ultra-low frequency microphone sets

Type 47AC


Freq range: 0.09 Hz to 20 kHz

Dyn range: 20 dB(A) to 148 dB

Sensitivity: 8 mV/Pa

Polarising Voltage: 0 V

Use: ultra-low frequency

surface microphone sets




'button' and flush mount microphone sets & kits

low noise microphone sets

array & QC microphone sets

probe microphone sets

Freq range: 6.5 Hz to 140 kHz

Dyn range: 47 dB(A) to 177 dB

Sensitivity: 0.62 mV/Pa

Polarising Voltage: 0 V

Use: aero-acoustics

(1m integrated cable to preamp)


    Many special microphone sets that have an integrated cable can be ordered with custom cable lengths - contact us of details

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